Trading Division

Ample Solutions has vast experience of serving all Major Contractors in middle east region on Mega Projects as a supplier of quality products with excellent customer service.Our company’s professional services are extended to clients, contractors and consultants to keep them updated on all new developments and high tech products.

A team of qualified engineers is on hand to help clients and identify their all requirements to provide the best solutions. Ample has positioned itself to accept the challenges of the future. Our firm belief on commitment to provide quality service to our valued customers.

 Ample Solutions have extensive resources to carter all kind of requirements from many key contractors engaged in the development of the Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Industrial Sectors in the World.

Contracting Division

Ample Solutions contracting objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction, we develop a flexible interactive working relationship with our customers to ensure we focus on the changing needs and expectations of  the project. We take an innovative engineering approach with an emphasis on value to ensure all relevant new proven technological developments and market trends are fully understood and exploited by our engineering team, and whose skills and experience are constantly upgraded.

Ample Solutions Contracting division provide the following services to EPC

  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Site Survey
  • Project Management & Proposal
  • Procurement
  • System Integration, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and System Integration Test (SIT)
  • Installation, Commissioning and Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Provide support in weekly progress meetings with End-User