General Information

A multi-national team, of approximately twenty senior engineers, of diverse specialties are engaged in several large scale operations, and maintenance projects throughout the Kingdom with maintenance workshops in our Dammam office. Over 95 field technicians are likewise supporting our various O & M projects. Communications Division employs approximately 25 steel riggers, masons and carpenters that form an integral part of the Communication Division for the erection and maintenance of communications towers. This Division acts as liaison between Ample Solutions communications suppliers and the local customer base for spare parts purchasing, system support and small system services.

Nature Of Business In Communication

  • Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Operation of Voice Communication Systems
  • Training: Both OJT & Classroom
  • Supply and installation of Communication Towers including Civil work
  • Complete Material Supply, Installation, commissioning & SAT for Pipeline
  • System Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Paging, Trunking and Microwave Systems
  • Supply and Installation of Security Equipment’s including Closed circuit Television, Access Control and Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Digital Voice Logging Recorders

Summary Of Areas Of Business In Communication Division

  • Radio Communication Networks VHF,UHF and Microwave (rural and city networks)
  • H.F. Radio Stations for long range communications
  • Air Traffic Control Equipment
  • Navigation and Aeronautical Radio Systems and Equipment(Ground to Air and Ground to Ground)
  • Meteorological Measuring Systems
  • Vehicle Location and Terrestrial Navigation Systems
  • Paging Systems
  • Satellite Communications Systems
  • Radio Telemetry Systems
  • Coaxial Cables and Accessories
  • Special Cables for Data and Communications
  • Heavy duty standby, Biomedical and two Way Radio Battery Systems
  • Towers and Masts for Radio and Microwave
  • Operation and Maintenance of Wireless Communications Systems
  • Solar Power Energy Systems
  • Under Ground Cable Networks
  • Security Equipment (Voice and Data Encryption)
  • Automatic Number Identification Systems (Mobile Radio)
  • Antenna Systems and Accessories
  • Mobile Radio Equipment (hand-portables & car mounted)
  • Marine Radio Equipment (Navigational Aids)
  • Accessories & spare parts for all above systems
  • Test Equipment for all above systems
  • Tools for electronic workshops & field works
  • Nurse Calling Systems
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Installation of OTN System
  • Assembly & Mounting of Communication Shelters
  • Installation of Battery Banks
  • Installation of Leak Detection System
  • Installation of RTU’s & SCADA System
  • Cable pulling and Splicing
  • Installation of GED 25
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Equipment
  • Digital Logging Recording Systems
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Biometric and Card Access Control Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems

Ample Solutions List Of Manufacturers for Communication Activities

Manufacturer Origin Products
Thales UnitedKingdom Navigational Equipment
ThalesTracs United Kingdom HyperFix, MicroFixand DeltaFix-A range of precise positioning products and related systems to meet the requirements of Offshore Hydrographic, Survey, Dredging and Cable laying, including Mine Countermeasures
Vaisala Finland Meteorological measuring systems
South Midland Communication UnitedKingdom Handheld & Mobile Radio Systems (VHF/UHF)
E.F. Johson USA Hand Portable & Car mounted radio equipment (Aeronautical Band), VHF/UHF mobile and fixed FM Communications radios, Trunked mobile Radio systems, Encryption Devices
E-System Inc. (RaytheonCo.) USA Radio and Line of Sight Communication Highly Sophisticated Electronic SystemsandCommunications Command & Control Consoles
PELCO  USA  Manufacturer of Wide Range of CCTV Products including Camera’s, Lenses Matrix Switches, Multiplexers and Monitors
 CANSECINTERNATIONAL  Canada  Manufacturer of Access Control Products from Standalone Controllers to Integrated Access Control Software and also representative of several Manufacturer
 Radio & TurnkingDistributors  USA  Distributor of Motorola Equipment USA
 Cyber-Tech  United Kingdom  Cyber-tech Recording Systems
 Radio Frequency System (RFS)  Germany  Manufacturer Of Wireless Infrastructure

  • Base-Station, Microwave, Broadcast & HF Antenna System
  • Transmission Lines
  • Wireless Distributed communication Systems
  • RF conditions products
 Park Air Systems (PAS)  United Kingdom  Ground to Air Radio Communication
Systems, Wide Area Receiver-Voting Systems for Voice and Data, MARC Remote Control System
 Park Air Systems (PAS)  Norway  Instrument Landing System (ILS), Voice Communication Control System (VCCS) Garex220, Air Traffic Control Radar Display and Processing Systems–NOVA 9000
 FernauAvionics LTD. (FAL)  United Kingdom
  • Navigational Aid Equipment
  • Distance Measuring Equipment
  • (DME)
  • Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)
  • Direction Finding Equipment (DF)
  • Conventional/Doppler VHF Omni Range (CVOR/DVOR)
 TelectronicsS.A. (Telealarm)  Swiss  Manufacturer of Wireless Nurse Calling
 Zetron  UK / USA  Paging Controllers and Consoles for two way radio control
 Spectronic  Denmark  PSTN Intercept & Monitoring, Equipment (Audio, Fax, Modem), Wired Audio Monitoring/ Surveillance Systems, Wireless Audio Monitoring/ Surveillance Systems, Audio Amplifier and De-scrambler, Remote Control Products, Noise Cancelling Systems
 AudiotelInternational  United Kingdom  Manufacturer of Portable Countermeasures Equipment

  • Advanced Non-linear Junction Detector
  • Counter surveillance Bug Detector
  • Non-Linear Junction Detector
 ACAMS  Norway  Manufacturer of basic monitoring and control requirements of an airport tower

  • Airfield Lighting Control, DigitalATIS
  • AFTN Display & Flight Data Display
  • CAT III status Panel
  • Time Synchronization & Display
 ECSI International  USA  Integrator of Security Systems and a Manufacturer of Infrared Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection
 Infinova  USA  CCTV Video Surveillance System, Access Control System