Overview of Arbiter Products

Products from Arbiter Systems®, Inc. fall into three basic categories – GPS based precision timing clocks, synchronized power measurement products featuring synchrophasor measurement (PMU) compatible technology, and metrology based power measurement and calibration instruments. The power measurement and calibration products are supplemented with a complete line of standard and custom current and voltage test leads.

Timing and Frequency

Reliability and flexibility are the cornerstones of Arbiter’s industry leading precision timing devices. Reliability is achieved through a variety of methods:
Superior antenna and receiver technology, advanced algorithms and redundant services built on a communication protocol that supports multiple time sources in the event of satellite failure. Customers demand both feature set functionality and products to match budgets. Arbiter’s line serves both, supporting advanced option capability that meet the toughest laboratory and sub-station applications, as well as low cost, highly accurate clocks that fit tight budgets.

Synchronized Power Measurements

Combining the precision time and metrology worlds, Arbiter introduces the Power Sentinel™ line of products, providing solutions previously requiring a rack of equipment. Model 1133A is packed with features, many of which have been employed in the synchrophasor measurement and revenue metering markets, as examples. The device is fully compatible with IEEE C37.118 as a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU).

Model 933A brings field-ready portability to this important, emerging market. Both units are particularly well suited to supporting synchrophasor measurements. Synchrophasors are rapidly becoming accepted as a critical technology enabling a more stable grid, today and into the future.

Power Measurement and Calibration

Metrology is served via Arbiter’s power measurement line of products, again featuring flexible and economic options. From the hand held Model 928A to the full featured functionality of Model 931A, power professionals will find the right product and feature set within budget. Measure and analyze the basic quantities: true-rms voltage and current, frequency and phase angle. Driven by Arbiter’s proprietary PowerDSA™ technology, measure power quantities (watts, watthours, volt-amperes, volt-ampere hours, etc) within 0.11 % accuracy. Choose the model that matches your requirements and your budget.

Assembled Test Leads

Supporting the line of power measurement and calibration tools, Arbiter assembles standard and custom test and grounding leads for every application. Choose from current leads with multiple connector options, voltage leads, fused and unfused, and Safety Ground leads, all carefully crafted with Santoprene or Silicone lead wire. Single and three phase kits are available, all color coded for safety and ease of use. Standard and custom lengths and connectors are available.